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Systems Biology of Metabolism

The mission of our systems biology research is to identify and quantify the key regulation mechanisms that control cellular metabolism in microbes.

The speciality of our interdisciplinary team of biologists, engineers, and computer scientists are high-throughput experimental technologies for quantitative metabolomics, 13C-based intracellular flux analysis, and dynamic GFP analysis in mini-scale cultivations. Different types of mathematical models are then used to quantitatively relate metabolomics, expression and proteomics data to the functional network output in terms of fluxes. Read more

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Three (!) IMSB students win ETH Prize for oustanding doctoral thesis

We are honored and proud to announce that George Rosenberger (Aebersold lab), Daniel Sévin (Sauer lab), and Andreas Kühne (Zamboni lab) won the prestigious ETH Silver Medal for Oustanding Doctoral Theses. Congratulations!   Read more 


HFSP scholarship won by Duncan Holbrook-Smith

Duncan Holbrook-Smith won a prestigious HFSP scholarship for his postdoc project at the Sauer lab, on exploiting non-targeted metabolomics for parallelized discovery of chemical probes for receptor-like proteins, and using those chemical probes to better understand the specific roles of receptor-like proteins in that system. Now he has the problem of deciding which fellowship to accept……… Read more 


Michael Zimmermann and Paul Murima won the Swiss TB 2017 Award!

Michael Zimmermann and Paul Murima won the Swiss TB 2017 Award for their Nature Communications paper "A rheostat mechanism governs the bifurcation of carbon flux in mycobacteria." CONGRATULATIONS! Read more 


Genome-wide landscape of gene-metabolite interactions charted for bacterium

How do gene (knock-outs) affect metabolite levels? We tested this systematically for > 3'800 genes in E. coli and found several suprises. Read more 


Nontargeted in vitro metabolomics for high-throughput identification of novel enzymes in Escherichia coli

About 15'000 high-throughput, non-targeted metabolomics analyses were acquired to study >1'200 functionally uncharacterized proteins. The study was just published by Daniel Sévin and co. in Nature Methods. Read more 

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