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Systems Biology of Metabolism

The mission of our systems biology research is to identify and quantify the key regulation mechanisms that control cellular metabolism in microbes.

The speciality of our interdisciplinary team of biologists, engineers, and computer scientists are high-throughput experimental technologies for quantitative metabolomics, 13C-based intracellular flux analysis, and dynamic GFP analysis in mini-scale cultivations. Different types of mathematical models are then used to quantitatively relate metabolomics, expression and proteomics data to the functional network output in terms of fluxes. Read more

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Uwe Sauer newly elected EMBO Member

Congratulations! Read more 


Andreas Kühne defended his PhD thesis

The subject of his massive work was "Development and application of graph-based computational methods to elucidate the functional role of metabolism in human skin ". Congratulations! Read more 


One metabolite to bind them – using ligand-detected NMR to fish out protein-metabolite interactions

Read more 


Daniel Sévin defended his PhD thesis

We congratulate Daniel for his work on "Nontargeted metabolomics appraoches for enzyme discovery and high-resolution metabolome profiling " Read more 


The maternal microbiota drives early postnatal innate immune development

In collaboration with the Sauer lab, Mercedes Gomez de Agüero and Stephanie C. Ganal-Vonarburg from the Maurice Müller Laboratories (DKF), University of Bern, describe in detail how in gestating mice, the mother’s community of microbes shapes the immune system of the offspring. Read more 

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