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Systems Biology of Proteomes

aebersold group

Aebersold Group

Prof. Dr. Ruedi Aebersold, one of the pioneers in the field of proteomics, is known for developing a series of methods that have found wide application in analytical protein chemistry and proteomics. Read more

ben collins

Collins Group

The group of Dr. Ben Collins focuses on the application of advanced methods in quantitative proteomics to problems in pathogen biology. In particular we are interested in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and quantitative aspects of protein-protein interactions with host. Read more


gstaiger group

Gstaiger group

The systems biology approach of Dr. Matthias Gstaiger and his group is to study biological signaling processes. The goal is a comprehensive understanding of the structure and the dynamics of signaling systems. Read more

Systems Genetics

hafen group

Hafen Group

Prof. Dr. Hafen and his research group study the mechanisms of cell - cell communication with a main focus on how cell- and organ growth is regulated. Read more

stocker group

Stocker group

Dr. Hugo Stocker and his team use Drosophila as a model system to study early stages of tumorigenesis. Read more

Systems Biology of Metabolism

sauer group

Sauer Group

The group of Prof. Dr. Uwe Sauer combines quantitative experiments with computational analyses to fundamentally understand the coordination of regulation and metabolic networks in bacteria and yeasts. Read more

zamboni group

Zamboni Group

The group of Dr. Nicola Zamboni develops and applies analytical and computational methods to investigate in vivo cellular metabolism. Read more

Experimental Systems Biology

christen group

Christen Group

Prof. Dr. Beat Christen and his research group use systems-genetics and high-throughput biology approaches to study bacterial genomes and define the genetic instructions, programs and operating systems that build the molecular machinery of life. Read more

Computational Systems Biology

claassen group

Claassen Group

Prof. Dr. Manfred Claassen's research aims at elucidating the composition of heterogeneous cell populations and how these implement function in the context of cancer and immune biology by jointly evaluating single cell and genome wide measurements. Read more

Chemical and Systems Biology

Wollscheid Group

Wollscheid Group

Prof. Dr. Bernd Wollscheid and his group are focusing on the development of a qualitative and quantitative understanding of the cellular surfaceome as a complex signaling gateway to the microenvironment. Read more

Systems Biology of Molecular and Celluar Physiology


Snijder Group

Snijder Group

The group of Prof. Dr. Berend Snijder combines image-based screening with single-cell analyses, quantitative omics, and computational network analyses, to uncover the organizational principles that govern cellular life in health and disease. Read more


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