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  • IMSB is founded with Prof. Aebersold as first Institute's Head.
  • Lukas Pelkmans joins IMSB as an Assistant Professor


  • Uwe Sauer is appointed by ETH as Professor and joins IMSB
  • Prof. Stoffel from Rockefeller University joins IMSB 


  • Prof. Ernst Hafen joins IMSB from the University Zurich


  • Prof. Lukas Pelkmans leaves IMSB for a Faculty position at the University of Zurich
  • Matthias Heinemann (Sauer group) is appointed Ass. Professor at the University of Groningen
  • Prof. Christian Wolfrum (originally in the Stoffel lab) is appointed Professor by ETH in the D-HEST Department.


  • Prof. Markus Stoffel leaves IMSB to join the newly founded Institute of Molecular Health Sciences of ETH Zurich


  • Prof. Claassen joins IMSB as Assistant Professor
  • Prof. Christen joins IMSB as Assistant Professor


  • Prof. Wollscheid is appointed by ETH and joins D-HEST
  • Prof. Lan Huang from UC Irvine joins IMSB on a sabbatical
  • Prof. Terry Hwa from UCSD joins IMSB on a sabbatical


  • Prof. Snijder joins IMSB as Assistant Professor
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