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Sarah Cherkaoui


ETH Zurich

Inst. f. Molekulare Systembiologie

Sarah Cherkaoui

HPT D 60

Auguste-Piccard-Hof 1

8093 Zürich


  • phone +41 44 633 21 12 

Prior to joining Nicola’s Group in February 2016, I have completed a master in bioinformatics at Université de Montréal (Canada), under the supervision of Dr. Christine Des Rosiers. My previous project was part of a multidisciplinary study which included functional genomics and metabolomics analysis. My goal was to create a computational tool to link genes and metabolites in the context of metabolic pathways.

For my PhD project, I will use computational approaches to investigate untargeted metabolomic data. In particular, I strive to identify 'Dark Matter', chemical structures that remains uncharacterized, in mass spectrometry-based metabolomics.  

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