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Surfaceome research

Chemical and Systems Biology

We focus on the development of a qualitative and quantitative understanding of the cellular surfaceome as a complex signaling gateway to the microenvironment.

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Group News


Master thesis in Wollscheid Lab

Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Hepatitis B Virus X Proteoforms and Interactomes. Read more 


Wollscheid Lab, Master Thesis in Receptor Nanoscale Organisation & Cellular Signaling

The research of our lab focuses on cell surface protein in general and specifically on receptors. We recently suceeded in developing a technology which enables the decoding of ligand-receptor interactions [1]. Read more 


Welcome Maik Müller

After already completing a semester project and a master project in the Wollscheid lab, Maik now started as PhD student. Read more 


CSPA published in PlosONE

The Cell Surface Protein Atlas (CSPA) got published in PlosONE and is finally online. Read more 


SNF proposal approved!

Bernd Wollscheid got a three-year funding for his proposal at the Swiss National Foundation. Read more 

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