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  • Nowak, K., Seisenbacher, G., Hafen, E., and Stocker, H. (2013). Nutrient restriction enhances the proliferative potential of cells lacking the tumor suppressor PTEN in mitotic tissues. Elife 2, e00380. link
  • Almudi, I., Poernbacher, I., Hafen, E., and Stocker, H. (2013). The Lnk/SH2B adaptor provides a fail-safe mechanism to establish the Insulin receptor-Chico interactionCell Commun Signal 11, 26. link
  • Poernbacher, I., Baumgartner, R., Marada, S.K., Edwards, K., and Stocker, H. (2012). Drosophila Pez acts in Hippo signaling to restrict intestinal stem cell proliferationCurr Biol 22, 389-396. pubmed
  • Seisenbacher, G., Hafen, E., and Stocker, H. (2011). MK2-dependent p38b signalling protects Drosophila hindgut enterocytes against JNK-induced apoptosis under chronic stressPLoS Genet 7, e1002168. link
  • Baumgartner, R., Poernbacher, I., Buser, N., Hafen, E., and Stocker, H. (2010). The WW domain protein Kibra acts upstream of Hippo in DrosophilaDev Cell 18, 309-316. pubmed

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