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A Call for Systematic Research on Solute Carriers.

Adrián César-Razquin*, Berend Snijder*, Tristan Frappier-Brinton, Ruth Isserlin, Gergely Gyimesi, Xiaoyun Bai, Reinhart A Reithmeier, David Hepworth, Matthias A Hediger, Aled M Edwards, Giulio Superti-Furga

* Equal contribution

Cell. 2015 Jul 30; 1623: 478-87


A Conserved Circular Network of Coregulated Lipids Modulates Innate Immune Responses.

Marielle S Köberlin*, Berend Snijder*, Leonhard X Heinz, Christoph L Baumann, Astrid Fauster, Gregory I Vladimer, Anne-Claude Gavin, Giulio Superti-Furga

* Equal contribution

Cell. 2015 Jul 2; 1621: 170-83


Single-cell and multivariate approaches in genetic perturbation screens.

Prisca Liberali, Berend Snijder, Lucas Pelkmans

Nature reviews. Genetics. 2015 Jan ; 161: 18-32


Toward effective sharing of high-dimensional immunology data.

Berend Snijder*, Richard Kumaran Kandasamy, Giulio Superti-Furga*

* Co-corresponding

Nature biotechnology. 2014 Aug ; 328: 755-9


A hierarchical map of regulatory genetic interactions in membrane trafficking.

Prisca Liberali, Berend Snijder, Lucas Pelkmans

Cell. 2014 Jun 5; 1576: 1473-87


Predicting functional gene interactions with the hierarchical interaction score.

Berend Snijder*, Prisca Liberali, Mathieu Frechin, Thomas Stoeger, Lucas Pelkmans*

* Co-corresponding

Nature methods. 2013 Nov ; 1011: 1089-92


RNAi screening reveals proteasome- and Cullin3-dependent stages in vaccinia virus infection.

Jason Mercer*, Berend Snijder*, Raphael Sacher, Christine Burkard, Christopher Karl Ernst Bleck, Henning Stahlberg, Lucas Pelkmans, Ari Helenius

* Equal contribution

Cell reports. 2012 Oct 25; 24: 1036-47


Single-cell analysis of population context advances RNAi screening at multiple levels.

Berend Snijder, Raphael Sacher, Pauli Rämö, Prisca Liberali, Karin Mench, Nina Wolfrum, Laura Burleigh, Cameron C Scott, Monique H Verheije, Jason Mercer, Stefan Moese, Thomas Heger, Kristina Theusner, Andreas Jurgeit, David Lamparter, Giuseppe Balistreri, Mario Schelhaas, Cornelis A M De Haan, Varpu Marjomäki, Timo Hyypiä, Peter J M Rottier, Beate Sodeik, Mark Marsh, Jean Gruenberg, Ali Amara, Urs Greber, Ari Helenius, Lucas Pelkmans

Molecular systems biology. 2012 ; 8: 579


Origins of regulated cell-to-cell variability.

Berend Snijder, Lucas Pelkmans

Nature reviews. Molecular cell biology. 2011 Feb ; 122: 119-25


Population context determines cell-to-cell variability in endocytosis and virus infection.

Berend Snijder, Raphael Sacher, Pauli Rämö, Eva-Maria Damm, Prisca Liberali, Lucas Pelkmans

Nature. 2009 Sep 24; 4617263: 520-3

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