Dr. Ruben Mars

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Dr. Ruben Mars

Dr. Ruben Mars

ETH Zurich

Inst. f. Molekulare Systembiologie

Ruben Mars

HPT D 73

Auguste-Piccard-Hof 1

8093 Zürich


Microbial ecosystems are vital for human health and wellbeing. There is now a great amount of descriptive information about which microbial strains reside where. However, why specifically these combinations of strains? And what are they doing and consuming there?

My research focuses on applying advanced metabolomics technologies to address such questions in a systematic manner. At the moment we are specifically interested in microbial interactions within the gut microbiota, soil, and fermented milk products.

This research will facilitate the move from a descriptive understanding to a functional and predictive understanding of microbial ecosystems.


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