Dr. Karthik Sekar

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Karthik Sekar

Dr. Karhik Sekar

ETH Zurich

Professur für Systembiologie

Dr. Karthik Sekar

HPT D 60

Auguste-Piccard-Hof 1

8093 Zürich


Prior to joining the Sauer group in August 2015, I finished my PhD under the tutelage of Keith E.J. Tyo at Northwestern University in Chemical Engineering (2015). My thesis work focused on experimental and computational analyses for metabolic engineering of non-growing cells.

At ETH, I use real-time metabolomics to study fundamental biological questions. Currently, I am examining the metabolic program E. coli uses to resume growth from starvation. I seek to understand the logic and ordering of the metabolic events using both experimental and computational approaches.

Outside lab, I enjoy games and playing Ultimate Frisbee, which I am slowly trying to popularize in Zürich and ETH.

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