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Daniel Sevin

Personal background

I was born in Strasbourg (France) and obtained my Biotechnology Master from Mannheim University of Applied Sciences (Germany).

Research interest

In my PhD projects in Uwe's and Nicola's labs, I develop and apply novel experimental methods for high-throughput functional genomics, specifically for the identification of novel metabolic enzymes. Furthermore, I am interested in whether catalytic promiscuity is a more widespread property of enzymes than it is currently appreciated.
The methods I develop rely on both targeted and non-targeted mass spectrometry. In detail, I use in vitro metabolomics to analyze the consequences of perturbing a complex mixture of metabolites with purified proteins. Differential metabolite levels upon incubation with a protein are a direct and unmediated readout for catalytic activity and can be used to infer both the function of uncharacterized proteins as well as promiscuous activities of 'known' enzymes.
Finally, I integrate any identified novel or promiscuous activities into current genome-scale metabolic models to assess their biological relevance in a systems context.
As a side project, I am interested in how different stress situations - e.g. osmotic stress, heat stress, oxidative stress - affect the metabolic state of various organisms.

Student projects

Thesis or semester projects (3 to 6 months) are currently available! Possible projects may involve functional characterization of novel enzymes using state-of-the-art mass spectrometry, genome-scale screening experiments of expression libraries or high-throughput data analysis. Interested? Contact me by email or drop by for a coffee!


Sévin DC & Sauer U (2014) Ubiquinone accumulation improves osmotic-stress tolerance in Escherichia coli. Nature Chemical Biology, epub ahead of print. DOI:10.1038/nchembio.1437
Featured in ETH news

Jonassen EM, Sévin DC & Lillo C (2009) The bZIP transcription factors HY5 and HYH are positive regulators of the main nitrate reductase gene in Arabidopsis leaves, NIA2, but negative regulators of the nitrate uptake gene NRT1.1. Journal of Plant Physiology 166(18):2071–2076

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