Dr. Karin Ortmayr

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Dr. Karin Ortmayr

ETH Zurich

Inst. f. Molekulare Systembiologie

Karin Ortmayr

HPT D 59

Auguste-Piccard-Hof 1

8093 Zürich


My research interest is in analytical metabolomics and the integrated multi-omics analysis of metabolism in human cells. In my PostDoc research, I am investigating the metabolism of quiescent human cells, to understand the role of metabolism in the long-term implementation of this reversible non-proliferating state that human cells attain naturally as well as in the context of cancer.

Prior to joining the Sauer lab, I obtained my PhD under supervision of Gunda Koellensperger and Stephan Hann within the doctoral program Biomolecular Technology of Proteins (BioToP) at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) in Vienna. My PhD research focused on analytical metabolomics, considerations of measurement uncertainty and the development of advanced liquid chromatography mass spectrometry methods for metabolomics.

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