Evaluation of student's understanding biological concepts

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Annie Queloz Champagne
Annie Queloz Champagne
Dr. Katja Koehler
Dr. Katja Koehler

Project Overview

Biology education has been moving away from learning large numbers of facts to the understanding of underlying concepts. Various reports describe important misconceptions of basic ideas in biology by a majority of students. Effective learning requires the identification and subsequent change of these misconceptions. To identify frequent misconceptions, tools such as concept inventories are employed. These concept inventories are based on the analysis of student’s thinking and the explanation of their views of scientific concepts. For our project we intend to use the Biology Concept Instrument (BCI), a multiple-choice tool to test the conceptual understanding of biology of students before the maturity exam and of undergraduates. The objective is to gain a better knowledge of the misconceptions held by students that interfere with their learning of new concepts in biology. The inventory of misconceptions will help lecturers to identify the learning needs of students when they start their introductory biology course at university and readjust undergraduate teaching if necessary.

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