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Dr. Ulrich Genick

ETH Zurich

Professur Mol. Entwicklungsbiol.

Dr. Ulrich Karl Genick

HPT D 71

Auguste-Piccard-Hof 1

8093 Zürich


  • phone +41 44 633 30 47 

Ulrich studied biochemistry at the FU Berlin and then moved to the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California for a Ph.D. in the area of structural biology and biophysics. His subsequent academic career took him to the Salk Institute and Brandeis University, where he led a laboratory that studied the structure and dynamics of photoreceptor proteins.
Switching both scientific fields and continents, he then moved to the Nestlé Research center in Lausanne to head a large-scale study on the interplay of human genetics, taste perception and metabolism.

He joined the Hafen Lab in 2014 where he works on:

  • The implementation of web-based tools and the flipped-classroom approach for new D-BIOL courses
  • Citizen science projects on the genetic basis of human sensory perception (taste & smell)
  • Creation of a cooperative health data bank that allows individuals to store, analyse and share their biomedical data.

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