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We aim at elucidating the composition of heterogeneous cell populations and how these implement function in the context of cancer and immune biology by jointly evaluating single cell and genome wide measurements. Read more

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Claassen Lab Semester Project: Deep Learning for dynamic system motif detection in health and disease

Cells process external and internal biochemical signals by means of signaling cascades, which constitute complex, dynamical networks. In this project we use novel deep (machine) learning techniques to decompose such networks in their building blocks in order to elucidate the overall structure. Read more 


Claassen Group: Causality from single-cell data

Causality inference from single-cell data. Inferring cause and effect, instead of mere correlative relationships between biological variables is a challenge of interest in many biological applications. This project deals with analyzing intervention experiments with single cell readout to infer causal signaling relationships. Read more 


Eirini Arvaniti joins the lab as graduate student

Welcome! Read more 


Workshop on Computational Single Cell Biology at ISMB in Boston

We are organizing a workshop for the Special Interest Group on Computational Single Cell Biology that will take place in conjunction with ISMB in Boston, USA on July 12, 2014 (CSCB14).  Read more 

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