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Genome Calligrapher: A Web Tool for Refactoring Bacterial Genome Sequences for de novo DNA Synthesis

The Genome Calligrapher is a web server based software tool developed by the ChristenLab at ETH Zurich that allows the synthetic biologist to refactor and streamline DNA sequences from single genes up to whole microbial genomes for de novo DNA synthesis. By applying a neutral recoding algorithm the Genome Calligrapher removes unwanted and obstructive DNA sequence known to impede DNA synthesis. In a user-friendly process you can upload any GenBank file and optimise its GC content, replace unfavored synthesis patterns such as homopolymeric streches, di- and trinucleotide repeats, hairpins and direct repeats as well as user specified disallowed sequence patterns that might interfere with DNA synthesis or higher order assembly. The Genome Calligrapher is broadly applicable to recode biosynthetic pathways, DNA sequences, and whole bacterial genomes, thus offering new opportunities to use synthetic biology tools to explore the functionality of microbial diversity.         

The software can be accessed through the Genome Calligrapher web server powered by the ChristenLab, IMSB, ETHZ.

For further information and to cite the Genome Calligrapher please see Christen et al 2015, ACS Synth Biol. 2015. PMID 26107775

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