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Experimental Systems Biology

Our group studies cellular core networks of prokaryotic organisms with a strong emphasis on experimental systems biology approaches. Our group develops new high-throughput strategies to functionally decode microbial genomes. Our major interests are:

  1. Understanding the basic operating system of a bacterial cell
  2. Investigating genetic programs that orchestrate complex traits such as microbe-plant symbiosis
  3. Elucidating the transcriptional regulatory networks that coordinate the extraction of genomic information in bacteria

Our work at the interface of systems and synthetic biology focuses on the bacterial cell-cycle model organism Caulobacter and the nitrogen-fixing plant symbiont Sinorhizobium.


ChristenLab, Block-course in Synthetic Genomics

Welcome Alexander, Florin and Timon to the Synthetic Genomics Block-Course offered by the Christen Group. Students will obtain training in large-scale DNA assembly techniques and  gain insights into computational approaches for bio-systems design. Read more 


Christen Lab: Master Thesis Project in Experimental Systems Biology

Discovery of genetic redundancies using a targeted genome reduction approach Read more 


Paper on quantitative selection analysis featured in JMB

Our latest paper on quantiative selection analysis of bacteriophage susceptibility in Caulobacter crescentus was published as a featured article in the Journal of Molecular Biology.   Read more 


SCNAT Rigi workshop on Systems and Synthetic Biology of Microbes

The SCNAT workshop on advances in microbial systems and synthetic biology toke place January 24th to 26th at the beautiful summit of Rigi. Read more 


Luca Del Medico starts his PhD

Luca performed his master thesis in our group and now joined the Christen lab for his PhD. Luca will work on novel systems and synthetic biology approaches to study core networks in prokaryotic organisms. Read more 


Christen Lab: New openings for Master students

Mapping cellular core functions by transposon mutagenesis and next generation sequencing Read more 


US patent issued!

Our US patent 9150916 on “Compositions and methods for identifying the essential genome of an organism” was issued on Oct. 6th 2015. The Method relates to our PCR based transposon sequencing (TnSeq) strategy to define essential DNA parts of an organism with base pair resolution. Read more 


We welcome Martin Spillmann and Donat Appert

Martin joined the Christen group for his master thesis and Donat started his semester project in our lab. Welcome on board! Read more 


Yvonne Bösch completed her Master

Congrats to Yvonne Bösch who completed her master thesis in the Christen lab. We are excited that Yvonne will continue working in the field of synthetic biology will soon started her internship at Evolva. Read more 


TnSeq paper on uranium detoxification published

The TnSeq study to understand uranium tolerance of Caulobacter crescentus was published in J. Bacteriol. Special thanks goes to our collaborators Yongqin Jiao and Mimi Yung from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Read more 

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