Dr. Yi Zhu

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Zhu Yi finished her bachelors and masters studies in chemistry in Wuhan University. Her master study focused on engineering a biodegradable nano-vehicle for drug delivery, using micelle as the micro-reactor. After that she joined Prof. Siu Kwan Sze’s lab in Singapore, where she got a five-year PhD training in structural proteomics and biochemistry, and obtained her PhD degree in 2012.

Her PhD thesis focused on the study of elucidating in vivo structural dynamics of integral membrane proteins with hydroxyl radical (generated either by Fenton Chemistry or by laser photolysis) footprinting method coupled with quantitative MS.

From this March, she’s starting the postdoc training in Ruedi’s lab working on the project of Signal X, to study the TOR signaling process of yeast, a well-studied model organism though an integrated quantitative systems understanding for the TOR network is in absence.

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