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Former PhD and Postdoc members

Dr. Christopher Barnes - Former Postdoc

Dr. Martin Beck - Former Postdoc

Dr. Bernd Bodenmiller - Former Postdoc

Margret Bülow - Former PhD Student

Ludovic Canelle - Former PhD Student

Dr. Christine Carapito - Former Postdoc

Dr. Vinzenz Lange - Former Postdoc

Manfred Claassen - Former PhD Student

Dr. Bruno Domon - Former Group Leader

Dr. Alexander H. Ebhardt - Former Postdoc

Dr. Franz Herzog - Former Postdoc

Dr. Ruth Hüttenhain - Former Postdoc

Dr. Martin Jünger - Former Postdoc

Dr. Petri Kouvonen - Former Postdoc

Dr. Hookeun Lee - Senior Scientist

Sandra Lövenich - Former PhD Student

Dr. Christina Ludwig - Former Postdoc

Dr. Alessio Maiolica - Former Postdoc

Emma Malmström - Former PhD

Dr. Johan Malmström - Former Postdoc

Dr. Lars Malmström - Former Group Leader

Dr. Mariette Matondo - Former Postdoc

Jeppe Mouritsen - Former PhD Student

Dr. Markus Müller - Former Group Leader

Lukas Müller - Former PhD Student

Dr. Jie Nan - Former Postdoc

Dr. Sara Nasso - Former Postodc

Patrick Pedrioli - Former PhD Student

Dr. Délphine Pflieger - Former Postodc

Dr. Paola Picotti - Former Postdoc

Lukas Reiter - Former PhD Student

Dr. Oliver Rinner - Former Postdoc

Hannes Röst - Former PhD Student

Dr. Eduard Sabido - Former Postodc

Ralph Schiess - Former PhD Student

Dr. Alexander Schmidt - Former Postdoc

Olga Schubert - Former PhD Student

Dr. Nathalie Selevsek - Former Postdoc

Atul Sethi - Former PhD Student

Dr. Rohit Shroff - Former Postdoc

Dr. Florian Stengel - Former Postdoc

Dr. Theo Sturm - Former Postdoc

Silvia Surinova - Former PhD Student

Dr. Safia Thaminy - Former Postdoc

Dr. Yasuo Uchida - Former Postdoc

Dr. Stefania Vaga - Former Postdoc

Dr. Markku Varjosalo - Former Postdoc

Thomas Walzthöni - Former PhD Student

Hendrik Weisser - Former PhD Student

Dr. Yibo Wu - Former PostDoc


Former Semester Students and visiting Scientists

Sven Baumann - Visiting Student

Andreas Essig - Semester Student

Michael Günther - Former Research Assistant

James Sorrell Eddes - Former Informatician

Max Haueter - Administrative Assistant

Martin Hubalek - Visiting PhD Student

Philipp Kroll - Visiting Scientist

Mariana Isman-Neacsu - Former Research Assistant

Reto Ossola - Former Research Assistant

Andreas Panagiotidis - Former Informatician

Antonio Ramos - Visiting Scientist

Reto Wijker - Former Semester and Master Student

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