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Quantitative Mass Spectrometry

The Aebersold group is interested in developing and applying novel methods in quantitative mass spectrometry to accurately measure protein analytes in complex samples.

The team of Prof. Ruedi Aebersold employs computational and experimental approaches to accurately quantify protein abundance and protein activity across many different biological samples. To achieve this, the Aebersold lab applies and extends existing high throughput proteomics methods such as labelfree shotgun proteomics and targeted proteomics using SRM (or SWATH-MS). In order to gain deeper insight into protein interactions, techniques using affinity purification and chemical cross-linking are employed in the lab. Read more



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Postdoc Project Quantitative proteomic and phosphoproteomic analyses of the PD-1 co-inhibitory pathways in primary effector T cells

Project aims to provide a system-level view of the mechanisms of action of PD-1, a key T cell co-inhibitor in cancer. In the project, signalosome dynamics in primary effector T cells will be analyzed with high-throughput quantitative proteomics and phosphoproteomics. The method to be developed is scalable and will be applicable to the analysis of the mode of action of “checkpoint inhibitors” under physiological and pathological conditions. Read more 


PhD position in characterisation of the inactive X chromosome using mass-spectrometry

The project aims to characterize the proteome of the inactive X chromosome in mouse embryonic stem cells with mass spectrometric methods. A number of candidate genes involved have been identified with genetic screening. Through biochemical analysis of chromatin and associated factors we seek a deeper understanding of the regulatory mechanism. This will require the development of new techniques for the analysis of chromatin states using mass spectrometry. The position is immediately available. Read more 


Aebersold group: Master Thesis of systems biology to reveal the protein turnover behaviors in human cancer cells

The student will learn how to efficiently process samples for mass spectrometry analysis at a large scale, how to perform and maintain a mass spectrometer for their own samples in SWATH-MS mode, and how to analyze the data generated using systems biology perspectives. Read more 


Lund University awards honorary doctorate to Prof. Ruedi Aebersold

Great honour for Prof. Ruedi Aebersold: The Faculty of Medicine of the Lund University has awarded the honorary doctorate to him. Read more 


Christian Feller obtained grant for melanoma epigenetic profiling

Christian obtained funding from the 3rd URPP UZH Translational Cancer Research call to monitor epigenetic states in melanoma cells. For this project, we are currently looking for MSc students and students helpers. Read more 

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