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Quantitative Mass Spectrometry

The Aebersold group is interested in developing and applying novel methods in quantitative mass spectrometry to accurately measure protein analytes in complex samples.

The team of Prof. Ruedi Aebersold employs computational and experimental approaches to accurately quantify protein abundance and protein activity across many different biological samples. To achieve this, the Aebersold lab applies and extends existing high throughput proteomics methods such as labelfree shotgun proteomics and targeted proteomics using SRM (or SWATH-MS). In order to gain deeper insight into protein interactions, techniques using affinity purification and chemical cross-linking are employed in the lab. Read more



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Aebersold lab: Master thesis/semester project in quantitative AP-MS of signalling complexes

TNF-alpha is a cytokine playing a central role in inflammation that induces the formation of a large signaling complex associated with its receptor. The project will primarily entail the application of quantitative mass spectrometry methods to obtain detailed information about this large assembly. The student will learn protein purification, experimental and computational aspects of AP-MS, and is expected to know basics of mass spectrometry and cell culture. Read more 


Professor Ruedi Aebersold awarded Barry L. Karger Medal

Prof. Ruedi Aebersold has been awarded Barry L. Karger Medal for significant contribution to the development of new bioanalytical methods. Congratulations! Read more 


Three (!) IMSB students win ETH Prize for oustanding doctoral thesis

We are honored and proud to announce that George Rosenberger (Aebersold lab), Daniel Sévin (Sauer lab), and Andreas Kühne (Zamboni lab) won the prestigious ETH Silver Medal for Oustanding Doctoral Theses. Congratulations!   Read more 


Aebersold lab: student project focused on method development in chemical cross-linking/mass spectrometry

Most proteins execute the in the form of protein complexes. Chemical cross-linking coupled to mass spectrometry is a strategy to learn about the spatial organization of protein complexes. Our group is one of the world-wide leaders in this field. We are continuously optimizing our workflows and are looking for students to support us in this endeavor. The student will learn how to perform cross-linking experiments and perform the data analysis. For further information, contact Dr. Michael Ewing Read more 


Aebersold lab: Master thesis/semester project in interactomic studies of signaling complexes

The most widely utilized mass spec(MS)-based method to determine protein-protein interaction is based on affinity purification (AP-MS). Recently, a suite of methods have been developed to determine the proximal proteome of a target protein by biotin labeling, providing information complementary to AP-MS. In this project, the student will apply a combination of AP-MS and proximity labeling to exhaustively define the full and dynamic interactome of key players in innate immunity.  Read more 

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