Aebersold lab: Semester project in identification of plant membrane protein-protein interaction


All plant cells are encapsulated by a cellulose-rich cell wall, which performs a range of functions in plant growth and development. Despite extensive research, little is known about the biosynthesis of the cellulose. This project aims to explore methods of detection of the cellulose synthase complex within the Golgi apparatus of Arabidopsis. The student will work on detergent selection for complex solubilization, after which he/she will perform AP-MS and subsequent data analysis.

The proposed work involves establishment and application of immuno-precipitation of membrane-solubilized protein complex. Initial work will involve detergent selection for proper complex solubilization, after which the student will be performing Affinity Purification Mass Spectrometry (AP-MS) and subsequent data analysis. ) and Dr Martin Mehnert ().

For further background information, please see the following articles:

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