Aebersold group: Master Thesis of systems biology to reveal the protein turnover behaviors in human cancer cells


The student will learn how to efficiently process samples for mass spectrometry analysis at a large scale, how to perform and maintain a mass spectrometer for their own samples in SWATH-MS mode, and how to analyze the data generated using systems biology perspectives.

The quantitative correlation between mRNA and protein provides insightful understanding of different biological systems [1]. The genome-wide protein turnover can be quantified by a pulse-chase experiment and essentially represents another dimension of protein dynamics, compared to the steady proteome regulations. This project (~6 months) will mainly involve how to improve the current pulse labelling SWATH-MS based workflow by a novel method and link the results to the modification states of the proteins. The knowledge acquired will hold promise to sharpen our views in systems biology.


The student is expected to have cell culture skills, to have basic knowledge in MS-based proteomics, and to have a strong interest in systems biology.


Please send your C.V. and a motivation letter to .


[1] Y Liu, A Beyer, R Aebersold (2016), On the Dependency of Cellular Protein Levels on mRNA Abundance, Cell 165 (3), 535-550

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