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Bachelor and Master programs

IMSB is embedded in the Department of Biology (D-BIOL) and contributes to the education of Bachelor and Master students in Biology. If are particularly interested in Systems Biology, we offer a Master program in Systems Biology and a series of advanced courses on related topics.

We also offer projects for Master students from all Departments. If you are interested in a specific resarch topic but can not find a specific project, please inquire directly with the principal investigator.

PhD programs

Graduate students interested in doing a PhD at the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology are recruited via the PhD programs run by the Life Science Zurich Graduate School (LSZGS). The LSZGS consists of several highly competitive PhD programs, run jointly by ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. All PIs of IMSB are affiliated and actively participate to the interdisciplinary PhD program in Systems Biology.

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